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Google Alerts: your trusty link-building tool

Last week I mentioned a simple way to get some more links to your website. I’m so pleased you went away and did it. I hope you got one or two links from the exercise.

The best time to ask people to actually link to you, rather than just mention you, is when they first publish the web page that talks about you. And how do we keep track of these mentions? Good old Google Alerts.

Google Alerts are one of the most wonderful, yet underused services offered by the search engine. Just sign in to Google, and say what you want to be notified about. Under ‘Options’ you can specify whether you want an email as soon as Google finds anything new, or just once a day or week. Make sure you set up alerts for your company name, your brands, and your people. All can give you ample opportunity to request a link if one hasn’t been included.