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Being able to close a sale does not make a great salesperson

How many times do you hear a salesperson say: “Get me in front of the right people and I can close the sale every time”? When you hear this, you know you’re talking to someone who’s ordinary at their job. It’s the equivalent of saying: “Put the kettle on for me and I’ll make you a cup of tea”. Gee, thanks for that.

Truly great sales and marketing organisations are as good at ‘opening’ as they are at ‘closing’. They put ideas into prospects’ heads. They tell prospects what they need before they need it. They make sure that if prospects go comparison shopping, their company is the benchmark.

Today, you open those doors in advance by becoming a publisher. You establish your expertise by writing those articles you used to speculatively send to magazines.But now you disseminate them yourself.

“How To…” articles, case studies, technology backgrounders – they’re all relevant. They’re distributed by email, via search engines (by putting them on your website), through social media, whatever works. Best of all, you don’t need to be an industry giant to do this.

Many potential customers out there are muddling on without even considering that your products or services could bring them business benefits. You know this is true. Great salespeople create business which might not even have happened with anyone had they not opened the doors in the first place.