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ICYMI: The Best of the Blog in February 2017

Whether it’s through distractions or pressure, most of us are busier than ever. Earlier in the month I asked What’s been eating up your time? – quality work time is a limited resource, and with the increase in online offerings it’s a challenge to keep up and effectively manage. We received a few reader comments on this.

With the time factor very much in mind, this article may well assist in any ongoing link building projects: Google Alerts – your trusty link-building tool. ‘Google Alerts are one of the most wonderful, yet underused services offered by the search engine. Just sign in to Google, and say what you want to be notified about. Under ‘Options’ you can specify whether you want an email as soon as Google finds anything new, or just once a day or week. Make sure you set up alerts for your company name, your brands, and your people. All can give you ample opportunity to request a link if one hasn’t been included’.

In Pop-ups are annoying, right? I pointed out how we can take advantage of research that others have done in this area – ‘…data shows that the number of people responding to the offer in the pop-up window makes it worth having. And the proportion of visitors who are put off by the pop-up window turns out to be tiny – so it’s a good trade-off. How do we know this? Because if it wasn’t the case, the pop-ups would quickly have been withdrawn’.

In this time-themed round-up I don’t really want to suggest adding to your workload, but this article, with a top tip, could well provide you with a bit more muscle in ensuring your website is more SEO friendly – in It’s time to bring case studies into the 21st century , I showed how ‘… instead of lying undiscovered and unread under an obscure menu on your website, your case studies will become a real asset…’

Finally, ‘Best Regards’? ‘Cheers’? Or ‘Yours Sincerely’? – you decide…..

Thanks for reading this far…

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