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A couple of websites I regularly visit have scrapped their reader comments section in the past year, and I can sympathise. It can be a hard job to keep a comments section presentable, with the flood of spam comments arriving every day. I run a music forum which has had nearly 30,000 proper reader comments, but they’re outnumbered by the spam arriving every hour. The spammers, of course, are working on the assumption that people will actually click on their stuff; I’m sure none of them still think that the links will help them in Google.

Looking around, however, I notice that quite a few corporate sites have comments sections active, usually on their blog section. Few receive much in the way of sensible contributions, so I have to ask why they bother. It’s a chore to maintain, and makes them look a bit sad, to be honest. I think with the rise in social media for chat, comments sections on corporate sites may have had their day.

It may also be time to retire them even on more educational blogs like this one. I’ve decided to only offer comments selectively here from now on, and no longer by default. If you have a blog on your website, you might like to have a think about your own strategy.