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You need a good, up-to-date LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn was bought by Microsoft last year and while that might have put off its need to make serious money, changes to do just that are being rolled out anyway. You might want to take a look, if you haven’t recently done so. Only 22% of LinkedIn users are active at least once a month, which is not good for the site, but they do have a lot of users, so it’s still very important to be there. I maintain that if you’re in business, you should always have a good, up-to-date LinkedIn profile, and your company should have a strategy to ensure all external-facing staff do likewise. You’ll be amazed at how often people look at your pages – and these can be very valuable people.

If you’re updating your profile – and I know this sounds trivial – make it a priority to have a current, presentable photo. There are already a whole bunch of articles online like this one giving you other tips for improving your page – search Google for “linkedin interface changes” for even more up-to-date ideas.

While you’re doing this, have a look at the discussion groups around your company’s area of activity. I know several people who’ve been horrified to discover how much chat has taken place in the past by users of a particular technology, and the only vendor involved in the discussion has been their biggest competitor. Don’t let yours steal a march on you in this way.