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Something you can do right now to get some links

Link building is such old hat that people hardly talk about it nowadays. It’s not gone away, nor is it any less important. It’s just old hat.

Here’s a thing though: if you want to do well in the Google results, you still need links to your web pages.

I’m going to give you an idea for something you can do right now to get some links. Or you can give the job to someone else in the office – even the bright teenager who comes in on ‘bring your delightful offspring to work day’.

My not-very-innovative, two-stage technique for getting a link is called “asking for one”. The two steps are this:

  1. Search Google for mentions of your company, and your brands or products. See if the page which mentions you, links to you.
  2. If it doesn’t link to you, contact the owner of the website in question and ask if they’ll add a link. A phone call is definitely the best way to do this, followed up by an email. Explain that you think their site is great, and that a link would be useful for their readers, as well as helpful for you of course. People are grown up about this. They really don’t mind.

If you find pages which do link to you, while you’re there, check that the links are still working. Most siteowners are quite happy to have broken links pointed out to them. A restored link is nearly as good as a brand new additional one.

Every external link from a decent website helps you a little bit in the Google search results. Every little advance in the Google search results gets you more visitors. A few extra links can be worth hundreds of pounds in additional visits, and thousands of pounds of business.

Old hat, maybe. But a very valuable old hat.