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Make 2017 the year of more video

Yesterday I recommended making your website faster as a new year’s resolution for 2017, and today I’m going to – once again – suggest ensuring video is in your marketing plan for the year.

There are so many reasons why video is getting increased exposure online, but all we need to acknowledge is that it is. Videos can make a product page or a background article come alive, they can form a visitor-grabbing YouTube channel, and they can be used ‘offline’ as well, such as at trade exhibitions.

Resolve to produce at least one or two videos every month this year. They need only be slideshows of still images and captions, if you’re clever. Or just record one of your sales team doing a presentation, or a technical support manager doing a demonstration. You don’t need expensive camera equipment, although it’s critical to have good sound quality if people are speaking. Editing it into a presentable form is something anyone can do.

If you really don’t have the time, you’d be surprised how cheap it is to get someone to do it for you. I hear a lot of marketing managers saying they’re not sure what ‘works’ nowadays. Video does.

1 thought on “Make 2017 the year of more video”

  1. I could not agree more, Chris. I’ve always been promoting the use of video over still images … I even use them for sales pitches to customers (instead of sending them a document containing our proposal, I send them a video of it). Even simple screen captures of what I’m doing on my PC work well as video content, and there are so many free tools out there to help with it! My most used ones are AVC and Screencapturer

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