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“How To Choose” is an answer, not a question

Yesterday I talked about the quick wins which are available in Google from “How To…” articles. Every business can churn out a stack of these if they turn their minds to it. But there’s one type of “How To…” article which I’d present slightly differently, and that’s “How To Choose” something.

Suppose you sell battery- and mains-powered blue widgets to measure sprocket availability. Now, you might think of writing a short article called “How to measure sprocket availability on mountains”, where you could extol the mains-free capability of your battery-powered blue widget. That is, of course, if you think people might be asking the question: “How do I measure sprocket availability on mountains?”. A quick 300-word article, with a nice search engine-optimised title, description and headline, and the traffic from Google is all yours.

However, if you think the most likely question people will ask is “how to choose between mains- and battery-powered blue widgets?”, then I’d think more carefully about what people are likely to be typing into Google, when you’re presenting the article. In this case, I suspect they’ll search for “battery vs mains blue widgets” …and that’s the search around which your article comparing the two should be titled. “How To Choose” is more of an answer than a question, and you always need to be concentrating on the question.