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Video as content: don’t limit yourself to the written word

There are reports that more videos are appearing in Google results, especially as part of the panel on the right (the ‘knowledge graph’) which Google has been playing with for the last few years. While this probably applies more at the moment to movies or pop music, these things usually trickle down to lower volume searches eventually. If Google is associating a video you’ve made with a specific search, and the video gets watched 10 times a month, why wouldn’t it want to put the video into the search results if the search was only made, say, 100 times a month?


So do keep making videos. Setting up a talking head video is easier than ever, and almost anyone can edit it into something presentable quite inexpensively. A slideshow video works brilliantly, and we’ve been quietly producing these for people as a service for several years now. If ‘creating more content’ is one of your targets for 2017, don’t limit yourself to the written word.

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