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Putting some numbers on your website’s SEO

For those of you who like to spend some time investigating your own website’s SEO opportunities, and comparing performance to your competitors, the Moz Toolbar is a useful resource. This free add-on for the Google Chrome browser provides insightful SEO data when looking at Google results pages (below), and interesting information about any web page you happen to be looking at.


Wondering why a competitor is doing so well in the Google results and you’re not? The Moz Toolbar’s indication of ‘page authority’ (‘PA’) and ‘domain authority’ (‘DA’) may give a clue. If you’re being thoroughly outscored there, you may need to start looking at a serious link building effort.

I know from my own experience that in many companies there’s an unhealthy obsession with analysing competitors rather than spending time improving their own product. If you find yourself having to provide reports on competitors’ websites, the Moz Toolbar might save you some time. And it may come up with some findings which could prove useful.

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