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More than a feeling

How many marketing decisions do you make based on little more than a feeling? For all of us, it’s more than we’d like, or than we’d like to admit. Yet the data-supported answer could be just a few minutes’ work away. Online survey tools such as Google Forms are easy to use and free, and can get some really informative responses by the end of the day. Your customers will be surprisingly responsive to a quick (possibly single-question) survey, especially if you relate it to the relationship between you. One of our clients sent out a survey to a few hundred customers, saying: “We want to make sure we’re at the right trade exhibitions to show you the new products we’ve got in 2017. Which of these (if any) might you be attending?” They had nearly 100 responses in two days, giving them some serious food for thought about where (and if) they should exhibit. I’d bet that not a single customer objected to being sent the survey, and many would have seen it as some proactive relationship building. What have you got to lose?

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