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Just keep plugging away

We’ve been working with one of our clients for 8 years now, and despite having limited resources for activities such as SEO, they’ve always done what they could here and there. After a while, it really starts to add up, and it’s a real lesson for people who use ‘not having enough time to make it worthwhile’ as an excuse for not doing anything.

One of the things our client – an industrial electronics company – has always done is to make sure they have some good background content on their website. I don’t think they’ve ever spent thousands of pounds on doing this, or devoted days of marketing activity in a single stretch. But doing the odd thing here and there has made all the difference.

I looked at their Google Analytics report showing landing pages from Google searches. For nine out of ten companies, the top page would be the site’s home page. In this case, however, the home page ranked at number 8 last month. Google is sending more traffic to one of four technical background articles; to a blog post; to a free technical calculator; and (most impressive of all) to the product page for their main line of technology. Why is this latter page scoring so well? Because despite being a small company, they’ve barged their way right up to the top of the Google results page for generic searches on that product. And one of the ways they’ve done this is by creating a website which impresses Google’s algorithms so strongly. It’s a virtuous circle, and like so much in IT, this creates a positive feedback loop which can race away.

A couple of years ago, I came across a website full of good technical information which was no longer being maintained. I contacted the author, who had retired, and asked if I could take it on and keep it maintained. In turn, I passed it on to our client, whose area of technology this website fitted perfectly. With some careful URL redirection, we were able to transfer all of the articles to the client’s website, while maintaining all the ‘strength’ in Google the other website had built up over the years. These articles now account for nearly 25% of all the client’s site’s traffic from Google.

Writing good articles here and there, and capitalising on odd opportunities when they arise, is what separates hard-working websites from the rest. This will still be the case in ten years’ time, and you can do a lot between now and then.

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