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How will pay-per-click advertising change next year?

It’s that time of year when everyone starts giving their predictions for the next 12 months, and a lot of marketing writers are having a go, as you’d expect. I liked 24 Experts on the Big 2017 PPC Trends You Need to Know on Search Engine Journal, because they’ve outsourced the exercise to people who really ought to know. So if you’re a Google AdWords advertiser (and who isn’t?), it’s worth a read.

Some of the ideas which made me think include:

  • The space allocated to adverts in search results will not get any smaller, so we need to take advantage of existing and new ‘extensions’;
  • Google Shopping will continue to increase in significance;
  • Costs-per-click will continue to rise, and budgets need to match this;
  • Beyond Google, Facebook ads will not be eaten into by the likes of LinkedIn and Twitter;
  • Remarketing needs to be thoughtful, relevant and timely;
  • Visual ads are coming.

Looking back on previous years’ predictions from online marketing experts, they’re normally fairly good, as most innovations tend to enter the advertising ecosystem over a long period and can be seen well in advance. However, there are also usually quite a few surprises. I suspect 2017 will have quite a few in store for those of us in pay-per-click advertising.

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