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Enquiries by text message: why not?

Here’s an odd little innovation coming to Google AdWords which might be of interest to some readers. And even if it isn’t of interest to you, it might make you think. Can prospects communicate with your company by text message? Are there circumstances where it might be appropriate? If so, do you make it possible?

Google AdWords is introducing a new extension called “click-to-message ads“. This will put a button next to mobile ads which, when clicked, will set up a pre-formatted text message which the prospect can send to the advertiser. You’re only charged – as a standard PPC click – if someone uses the service, so it’s a nice offering.

On Google’s page about the service, it quotes an industrial equipment supplier as an example, which does make you wonder if there’s mileage in all this. The company is quoted as saying: “Sometimes customers don’t have time to talk over a web chat or phone conversation, but still need more information. Messaging helps simplify these exchanges and the customer response has been very positive since they can post a question and follow up in their own time.”

Is this something you might consider experimenting with?

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