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Best of the Blog in December 2016

Like most of you, I’ll be putting my feet up for a few days now – so this month’s “in-case-you-missed-any” roundup of articles comes to you a bit earlier than usual. I’m sure nobody wants to come back to work after the holidays to any more emails than are necessary, so I won’t be contributing to the pile. I’ll see you again in the new year, so until then, have a great Christmas; and however long your break is, enjoy it as much as possible.

Best of the Blog in December 2016

In Video as content – don’t limit yourself to the written word I highlighted that Google is showcasing videos within the ‘knowledge graphs’ in the search pages – so I’d recommend that you don’t limit yourself with the content on your website.

As always, I like to highlight SEO opportunities – and in All about SEO and advertising on the DuckDuckGo search engine I wrote “…What do we have to do to get to the top of the DuckDuckGo search results? The answer – unsurprisingly – is not that different from Google or Bing. This is because DuckDuckGo gets its results from a variety of sources including other search engines such as Bing, as well as sites such as Wikipedia. So all the usual SEO tips apply, but perhaps with the additional advice to ensure you have links from – or pages on – the big reference sites. But you should be doing this anyway….” – and what about advertising? Revisit the article to read my top tip for 2017…

There are no quick fixes when it comes to SEO- you just need to just keep plugging away – and trust me, it will pay off by capitalising on opportunities when they arise. That’s what separates hard-working websites from the rest.

Finally, in Refocusing your efforts where they really count, our guest contributor Andrew Walker indicates that adopting the ‘we always do it this way’ stance may need a rethink when planning for the next twelve months. Take some quality time out away from your desk, and examine exactly what has been achieved. Can you justify continuing with the same old/same old?

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