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What searches is my website appearing for in Google?

If you’re a regular user of Google Search Console, sorry there’s nothing here for you today. But I get so many people asking me: “What searches is my website appearing for in Google?”, that I feel I need to do a very quick guide to how to find this out.

So here we go. If you want to see the report below for your site, you need Google Search Console:


From this, you can see which searches you appeared for the most often, which ones sent you the most visits, and the average position where you appeared.

Google Search Console is an online tool, but you may need to add a tiny piece of code to your site to prove you’re the owner. It’s a 30-second job for you (or your website manager if you have one). Start here.

  • As ever, if you’re a client of ours, just ask us to produce any reports you want from Google Search Console. We’re here to be your ‘virtual marketing assistant’!

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