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Is your offer as compelling as this one?


Remember this online tool from Google which I mentioned yesterday? If you missed what I wrote, give it a go.

There’s something else I’d like to point out about this tool. Look at the page and ask yourself: how have they made this offer so compelling? Could you stop yourself typing in your own website domain and seeing what happens? When you’d done it, did you give up your email address in exchange for the report? I’d bet a huge proportion of people do. How have they made that second (crucial) stage so irresistible? Think about it.

I’m not suggesting that we can all instantly offer our prospects something so appealing, but just think about the attractiveness of the offer and the simplicity of the presentation. We should all compare this with what we’re doing on our own websites, how miserable our offering is in comparison and how tediously hard we make it for our prospects to take it up. We can all do so much better than we do.

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