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We were reminded of the usefulness of continuously monitoring website positions in the Google results recently. This is a service we undertake for all of our clients, checking out a list of key search terms each week. The idea is not so much to nail down the actual positions where websites are appearing (because this will vary according to the person searching), but to get fast warning of any serious changes. Another way to do this might be to monitor overall search volume from Google, using Google Analytics, but that method has some obvious drawbacks in comparison.

So our client saw rankings for a few terms in Google search drop one week and disappear the next. This was obvious from the chart we send out, but would it have been noticed otherwise?

We were able to get working with the client to try to analyse the problem. One possible solution came up quickly, and we’re waiting to see if our initial suggested ‘fix’ has an effect. Fingers crossed.

This is one of a number of services which BMON offers to our AdWords management clients for free. However, we’ve been talking to a few companies recently who are interested in our support but (for whatever reason) can’t use us for AdWords management. They’ve enquired about subscribing to our non-AdWords services, and we’re investigating putting together the capacity to offer this. If you might be interested in joining them (we can only work with a limited number of companies), then drop me an email and I’ll make sure you get some information when we’ve got the offering together.

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