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Let’s create the best page on the web

Have you written something really in-depth on your website? If you’re hoping to rise through the competition in Google searches for generic technology terms, you really should. But what’s the best way to present it? I’d suggest that the article should be really long before you consider breaking it up into multiple pages. Long pages work.

Some of you will be thinking: “But I see more and more web pages online where I have to keep clicking and clicking to read the full thing”. However, those are just on sites where it’s all about maximising the page views, because they’re being paid by the number of ads they display. Your site is not like that.

The page doesn’t have to be boring. It can incorporate all sorts of different presentational ideas, from tables to videos. And it has the big advantages of being a single thing people can share, and a single thing for search engines to index.

So have a go at creating a really authoritative page about something you sell. The most interesting, up to date and extensive page on that subject anywhere on the web. You can do it. And the web will love you for it.

Just don’t forget the call to action.

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