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Are you just seeing part of the big picture?

Our monthly contribution from Andrew Leon Walker of Rame Marketing

When it comes to marketing your business there are plenty of options available in the “marketing toolkit”. The parts you should pick depend on the needs and wants of your target audience, and the combination should provide a better solution than any single one of them on their own.

But I’m seeing a trend where people approach me to say things like “I need a Facebook page”. My reply is generally along the lines of perhaps so, but why do you think that’s the case? And the conversation normally proceeds as follows:

Prospect: I was told (or read) that I needed one.
Me: OK, are you already on Facebook?
Prospect: No.
Me: Are your audience on Facebook?
Prospect: I don’t know but everybody else is on Facebook, so I need to be there too.
Me: Facebook is just one of very many channels to market; before you make any decisions you need to understand what it is you want to achieve. Do you have a marketing plan?
Prospect: No.
Me: A marketing plan is the method of how you’ll achieve your objectives. If you don’t have a plan how will you do be able to measure your progress against those objectives?
Prospect: I look at things on a day-to-day basis.

And that’s one of the biggest issues I come across as I speak to business owners and managers. Too many people are looking at short term tactical issues, jumping on the latest shiny new object to try and bring in quick business – and it’s not working, as it’s not sustainable. There is no short cut to rapid growth. I used Facebook as an example, but it could be any social media platform or channel to market.

The factors that successful businesses have in common are a vision and a plan to achieve that vision. The plan will ensure you’re heading in the right direction, by detailing the ‘Who, What, Why, Where, When and How’.

As Aristotle said: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

Make sure you’re looking at the big picture. It’ll pay off in the medium to long term.

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