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Invest in the IT guys for some real returns

How much is an improvement in Google’s ranking of your company website worth? Let’s say Google search sends you 10,000 visits a year – check your own figure, it may be way more than this. How much a visit is worth is debatable. You’d probably be happy to get 50 visits from a £500 advert somewhere, but let’s say you’re happier to buy them in at £2.50 a time from Google AdWords (again, just example figures). So Google search is likely to be bringing in more than £1,000-worth of visits every month on almost every site, and more than £10,000-worth on many.

For that much potential revenue, allocating a few hundred pounds to improving your site’s performance should be a no-brainer. Indeed, allocating a few thousand pounds ought to be a good investment. But don’t just throw it all at something vague like “SEO services”. Set up some real projects.


For example, check out your website’s speed, a subject we discussed here just last week. Is it running at more than 1.5 seconds? This is a figure which Google has mentioned in the past. If it’s much slower than that, I reckon that improving speed significantly can improve your ranking in Google to bring in an extra 10% traffic (perhaps more, but let’s be conservative). If Google brings in £5,000 worth of visits each month, you can see that spending £500 would pay for itself within a month.

But sorting out site speed isn’t something you should expect for nothing from the guy who designed your website for you in 2013, or from the website hosts who you pay £20 a month to. It’s a professional IT job. So find someone who understands this stuff (maybe the guy who designed your website for you in 2013!) and say: “Here’s my website page speed report. Can you get it down to under 1.5 seconds? If you can, I’ll pay you £500”. It’s got to be worth asking the question.

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