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Best of the Blog in November 2016

Well, the world hasn’t stopped turning after the election results from across the pond, and I’m sure we’re all continuing to work hard at what we do best. So here as usual is my monthly roundup revisiting some of the website topics you may have not had the chance to digest over the past few weeks, when events elsewhere have been a little distracting at times!

Several of our clients have been working on new websites this autumn, which provoked me revisit the 10 things to check before launching a new website – have a read and ensure you ask ‘Are you sure this has been done?’ I certainly hope you get a yes to all 10 points when you do.

In Do you know what browsers and operating systems your website visitors are using? I’ve summarised some stats which resulted from a request by a client for trends in what technology their site visitors are using. One trend is an increase in Android browsing. I’ve also broken down browser/operating system combinations, IE versions, and screen resolutions. I think you’ll find it an interesting insight.

Other articles you might like to take a look at include:

  • Creating the best page on the web – I’d suggest that any article you prepare for your website should be really long before you consider breaking it up into multiple pages. Long pages work!
  • Keep an eye on your website – set up Custom Alerts in Google Analytics to send you an email if your site had an unusually low number of visits in a day, suggesting it was down, or something was wrong. Certainly it isn’t as good as constantly checking your site for downtime (a service we provide for our clients), but it will at least tell you there’s a problem after around 24 hours.
  • Is your site search losing you business? – I recommend if you have a site search in place you test it out, you might be surprised… the more the search facility is a navigation focus on your site, the more you need to test it, by entering every product type your company supplies, one at a time, and checking the results are what you want.
  • And finally, full circle to the beginning of this post – on headlines (something we’ve hardly been able to avoid these past few weeks) – I wrote “…there’s a whole science regarding “clickbait” headlines, they’re not usually appropriate for industrial business marketing. We just need to be clear and to get to the point…” Don’t be tempted to trump your competition with a shouty controversial headline – it may well work in politics but probably won’t enamour the buyers or specifiers of sky blue widgets.

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