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Branding has never been so important

Political events this year, which have been surprising to say the least, have taught me one important lesson. Branding has never been so important. Increasingly, people hear what they want to hear. It’s the easiest way to cut through the noise.

Of course arguments and facts can still win them over against the intangible preferences towards familiar brands. But it’s becoming increasingly hard to make that happen. Anyone who’s ever lost a sale to a bigger rival, despite having a better offering, will sympathise. If you start from a position of strong branding, you start from pole position.

The resurgence of branding doesn’t mean you may as well give up if you’re not the longest-established, best-known name in the business. It’s never been easier to get your name known if you have a strong message and a memorable image. It doesn’t come for free, but it can come without risk. You can have your name and slogan appear at the top of half a million Google searches a year for perhaps £1000 a month. You can have strongly-branded image adverts pushing your name and logo at prospects around the web, just as frequently, for even less. Nothing speculative, simply payment for results. Ask us how.

Then, when the time comes, yours will be the reassuring name they’ll reach for and trust.


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