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Who’s been visiting your website from large organisations?

You’ll all be familiar with those services which claim to tell you who’s been visiting your website. Avoiding their telesales operations has become quite an art for some people. As long-time readers will know, I’m skeptical of their usefulness, and thoroughly disapprove of the minimum contract periods they set. However, if the idea intrigues you, there’s a lot of interesting information available about visitors from large companies, sitting waiting for you in your own Google Analytics.

The relevant section is the ‘Network’ report, found under ‘Audience > Technology’. If you just look at the initial top results, it doesn’t seem that useful, probably dominated by broadband service providers. But scroll down to the lower numbers, and things start to become more interesting. To clean up the report, set up a filter (“advanced” under the graph) and start to filter out the ones you obviously don’t want (I use ‘Matching RegExp’ and separate them with a ‘pipe’:


Here’s an example, where I’ve also set a ‘segment’ for ‘first-time, engaged UK visitors’, just to focus on the best visits:


As with all such reports, if you find one you like, click ’email’ at the top and set it up as a regular email to yourself. You can always cancel it later. Any BMON clients reading this who’d like some help with setting up such a report, just ask, of course.

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