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Never neglect the people who already know you

If your business website isn’t thoroughly indexed in Google, it may as well not exist. It’s not because you need to be discovered in the searches, although that’s very important. It’s that people specifically wanting to look at your website will use a search engine to reach it. You can tell people to “visit us on the web at double-u double-u double-u dot whatever” as much as you like, but they won’t do it. Most will type the name of your business or product into their browser’s address bar, and expect to see you as the first result in the subsequent search results page. Why? Because it’s easier, and it nearly always works.

Tens, maybe hundreds, of people are doing this to reach your website every day. And they’re important people too. Critical to your business. What are they seeing? Have you looked? At the minimum, you should be checking up on what the following searches look like:

  • [the name of your company]
  • [the name of your company] + [important product classes]
  • [the name of your company] + [important product names]

So you need to be testing searches for things like:

  • blue widget company
  • blue widget company sprockets
  • blue widget company model 35b
  • …and so on.

You need to confirm regularly that what appears gives people a clear opportunity to click through to your site without hunting around the search results page, and that the result sends them to the page you’d want them to be sent to. If this isn’t happening, your search engine optimisation simply needs to start again.

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