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Don’t waste that expensively-won opportunity

There’s a danger associated with being ‘top of the Google results’. It comes about because if someone is searching for a product through a search engine, they’re expecting to click on several different results. This doesn’t change even if the first supplier they examine – you – looks good. In the back of their mind, they’re always hovering over the ‘back’ button to see what else Google has to offer. It’s not uncommon for someone to visit three or four suppliers, going back via Google each time, and buying or enquiring only on the last one, because that’s where they happened to be when they realised all of the suppliers were similar. Watch your own behaviour and you’ll realise how this can happen.

So how do you get the enquiry when you’re the first supplier they visit? The answer is to encourage making the enquiry as strongly as you sell the product. You can have the greatest technical product presentation in the world, but if it just fades away into data tables and links to your company’s privacy policy at the end of the page, you’re giving up without a fight.

One of the most revealing ways to see how well you’re encouraging the enquiry is to take a look at one of your product pages on a smartphone (assuming you have a responsive site which looks good on a small screen). Imagine you’ve just arrived on that page, after clicking on a link from a search engine. I hope the page says what the product can do, shows what it looks like – all the usual stuff. But what happens next? Does it shout: “And now call us!”? If not, all that marketing expenditure might as well have been spent on a trip down to the pub.

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