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Best of the Blog in September 2016

It was interesting to read the announcement last month of the new storm names from the Met Office, which were as a result of suggestions from the public. It makes you wonder if we all asked customers for new product or brand name suggestions, what would result? Thinking up product or brand names is challenging, with limited options (apart from those ubiquitous part numbers!) as more potential names are used, not to mention the more ‘places’ that they have to work – online alone is a minefield.

That led me onto the question of advertising against a competitor’s company or brand name – and one problem in particular is when distributors need to get permission from Google to enable them to use supplier or principal branding.

Naturally, before creating new brand or product names, wouldn’t it be to your advantage to understand and research “…the search terms visitors are using to get to your site – they may be very different to the terms you use internally within the business or actually use on your website…” as our guest contributor, Andrew Walker, wrote in ‘Have you caught up with the changing behaviour of your audience?

Unfortunately, buyer behaviour isn’t always rational“…when somebody visits your website, they have in mind what they want to do. It may be to read about a product, then ask for a quotation or further information. If they arrive from a search engine (as most do), glance at a page, and don’t see an obvious path to the end point, the back button is only a click away…”

And then there are your competitors – “.. just because one of your sales guys used to work for the Yellow Widget Company, or just because the Green Widget Company had a stand next to you at WidgetEx, doesn’t make them the competition – at least not online in general, and almost certainly not in search…” I would recommend keeping an open mind when researching your online competitors; just because your sales team don’t rate them, it doesn’t mean your prospects aren’t aware of their presence.

Finally, Twitter has made a few changes to how you can present your Tweets, with more characters, and account verification. But good luck with the latter!

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