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Best of the Blog in October 2016

​If you missed my how-to posts during October, ​here’s an overview for you! In How to get better ranking in Google for complex searches, I discussed Google’s RankBrain system for handling those complex queries, especially those which are unique or rare.

Of course, there’s no point in doing this exercise if you’re unaware of what people are actually searching for. So in Getting the terminology right I’ve recommended that you make a point of looking at the search terms which competitors are targeting, online and in print. If they’re different to yours, investigate the search volume – but don’t forget to talk to your sales team, they’ll soon tell you exactly the terminology your customers use for your products – you may well be surprised! Do take a look at the comments from readers below that post too.

How to write good title tags and description meta tags advised to check exactly how they are all looking, and that they meet the criteria to keep Google Search happy (and in turn improve your ranking!). To investigate you’ll need to ‘crawl’ your website. I’ve listed a few available tools, as well as a few pointers, with examples.

It’s also worth looking at the how your images are named – and in Renaming images: an easy win there’s a guide to getting this easily done, to satisfy Google’s Image Search. ​And whilst I’m talking images – I’ve discovered a great source for free photography, with millions of photos, easily searchable and with very clear details of how they can be used​ – more at Visual Hunt: a great resource for free photographs.

Finally, this roundup wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the feedback from readers in Live chat services for business: what do you think? Thanks to all who shared their experiences/thoughts – hope these are useful to those of you who are currently looking at this type of service. Take a look.

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