What does your company look like on Bing?

There are many services offered by Google for businesses, from AdWords, Analytics and Search Console to its (really important) business listings. What many companies forget – or don’t know – is that Microsoft’s Bing offers almost exactly the same. And while Bing’s services aren’t nearly as well used as Google’s, they have steady use and are easily worth some of your time.

For a start, take a look at Bing Places for Business. You really do need to register your company here – it’s only a 5-minute process, although you will need to go through a verification procedure, which may tediously involve getting a PIN in the post. I’ve seen numerous large multinational companies where a search for their name in Bing brings up one of those big panels on the right of the search page, with a map to the company’s HQ …only to find that the map is of a depot in the back of beyond. That’s what machine algorithms doing their best come up with. The same thing happens with Google of course, but less frequently, because more businesses have signed up for its Google My Business and Google+ services.

Tell Google and Bing where you are, and more about yourself, and you’ll get a much better presentation on their results pages.

There’s a decent how-to on the Small Business Trends website called How to List Your Small Business on Bing Places for Business.