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Liberating your Google Analytics accounts from the agency

There’s a really handy new feature in Google Analytics for those of you whose setup was done by someone else in a way you wouldn’t have chosen. The ‘Move Property’ button allows you to move a Google Analytics ‘property’ (usually a website) to a completely different account. You’ll find the button under Admin > Property:


Who would want to use this? I can see two examples from our own client list. The first has multiple Google Analytics accounts, set up at different times by different marketing managers. This company could now consolidate all its website analytics in a single account. The second example is when a website design agency has set up all its clients’ Google Analytics accounts under its own account. I’ve no idea why anyone would do this, but it’s not an uncommon occurrence. To be honest, it’s a real chore for the agency to manage, and they’ll presumably be relieved if the clients all liberated their data into separate accounts. More information here.

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