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How’s your website logo looking?

Last month I mentioned the explanatory tagline or slogan which you should try to include on your website at the top. But what are the rules regarding an effective logo? There are quite a few, as it happens.

It should be top left. Don’t try to ignore convention. That’s where visitors look to see where they are. It should state the company name clearly. If you’ve got a logo which doesn’t do that, you should use the tagline underneath to do so. And it should be clear. I’m quite keen on sites which show the logo larger on the home page than on other pages.

What happens when you click on the logo? It takes you to the home page, of course. Please tell me yours does! That’s what everyone expects. Again, you can’t rewrite this type of convention.

You should also make sure you’ve got a ‘favicon’ based on your logo. This is the tiny icon which appears in the address bar or on tabs in some browsers. Check yours out here. A more modern development is to ensure you have a higher resolution favicon which gets used if the site is saved to the home screen on a mobile device.

Finally, and we’re getting to the useful extras now, try to include logo markup. This ensures that websites (such as Google) which might want your logo for their use get the right one. More information here. You may have to look at the source code of your website to see if it’s included.

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