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The easy way to get your proposition over

Does your company have a tagline, or slogan, on the website? For companies whose name doesn’t explain what they do, or whose logo doesn’t explain the name, a slogan can be very useful. The logo is one of the first things which a website visitor will look at, and it can get a message over in less than 1 second.

A client who we advised about website design a few years ago said that its main selling point was that it sold (let’s say) blue widgets, and that it was based in (let’s say) Timbuktu. This sounds trivial, but prospects in that market all want a local specialist for that product.

The previous website (and indeed those of the company’s competitors) didn’t really make the product/location obvious, at a glance. We discovered that most first-time visitors immediately went to the ‘contact us’ page. You can guess why.

On the new website, under the company logo, we suggested ‘Blue Widgets, Timbuktu’ as a clear tagline. Every website visitor would see this, instantly. Job done.

Now, it’s likely that your company doesn’t have quite as simple a proposition to get over. But it’s still a big waste if you don’t present a clear, unambiguous benefit to visitors as a tagline under the logo.

Just make sure the few words which you have are clear and unambiguous. Don’t waste the opportunity on some anodyne slogan which doesn’t mean anything.

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