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Not all advertising is traditional advertising

Last time out I mentioned the difference between outbound and inbound marketing. With the latter, we wait for people to find us. It’s a chicken and egg situation: they like us because we’ve got great information, but it was that information which got them to find us in the first place.

The main way these prospects find us is, of course, through search engines. And that’s why I consider advertising on search results to be part of an inbound marketing scheme. Not all advertising has to be outbound marketing. With search advertising, all you’re doing is buying more prominence with people who are already looking for something. Think of it simply as a paid-for shortcut on to the search results pages of your choice. That’s not the same as traditional interruptive advertising at all. It’s also why, as an organisation which deals solely with search advertising, I insist we’re not referred to as an advertising agency.

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