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Monitoring searches to spot the easy wins

A couple of days ago I suggested that we should be looking at what Google Search is doing for us, rather than what we’re doing in Google Search. Monitoring our position for individual search terms is useful to detect major changes, but it gives too small a picture to be a useful marketing KPI. However, there is something which really makes it worthwhile monitoring our position for individual search terms – and that’s spotting the ‘easy wins’.

Using Google Search Console, we can see which search terms we’re showing up for most frequently, and the average position we’re appearing at (circled):


Now, the ‘easy wins’ are the ones which are already sending us some traffic, but where we’re in mid-first-page position (say 4 to 7) or on the second page (say 11-15). A small improvement in Google ranking for these terms would push the traffic up a whole level, as there’s a big difference in returns between, say, positions 2 and 6, or between 9 and 12. And it might only take some better tagging, content or external linking to push the term up the few places required.

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