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Don’t let a prospect be the one who got away

How many potential prospects visit your website but never come back? It’s impossible to work out, although you can get a feel for the situation by studying Google Analytics’ “Behaviour” reports. Looking at some typical companies, it’s not unusual to see 75% of visitors making just one visit in a year. While the majority of these won’t have been of any use to you, the figure is likely to include tens of thousands of visits – surely there’ll be hundreds who were ‘ones that got away’?

In desperation, many companies sign up to (sometimes expensive) services which claim to tell you who these people are. They don’t really, of course. But even if you can track these people down, what then? They’re not people who want to progress a relationship with you, or they’d have done just that. You’re just hoping that you’ll find someone who should have a relationship with you, but who didn’t get in touch because they didn’t understand how beneficial it would have been for them to do so. It’s only cold calling, really.

Far better is to use their visit as an opportunity to bring them into your world, so that you’re always there when they might have need of your services. And you do this by offering them the chance to keep in touch. If they’re genuine future prospects, and the offer is good enough, they’ll do so.

This requires two things: a good offer, and prominent promotion of that offer. The latter is easy, with no end of devices available to catch people’s attention while they’re on the site, or about to leave. Examples include notification bars and exit pop-ups. Providing a good offer takes a lot more work. It could be an unmissably-titled white paper, or a regular series of information or special offers, but you’ve got to create the content to do that.

In this day and age, an obscure link in a sidebar or footer saying: “sign up for our company newsletter” isn’t nearly attractive enough.

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