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Ask yourself what Google is doing for you

A lot of people monitor their website’s position in Google for specific search terms, and it’s a useful exercise. We even do this for our clients, one of the many support services which we provide for free. However, we don’t think this report actually tells you much in itself; its primary function is to act as an instant warning of any sharp movements for your site in the Google results.

Think about it: so you moved from number 3 to number 2 for a Google search on a term which you think might be important to you (even though you’re not sure if anyone actually searches for it). Good news, I guess. But is it really going to change anything you do in marketing? Or is it just more pointless data for another chart to show at a meeting?

Here’s another idea. As with everything online, let’s start looking at the results, not the methods.

Instead of monitoring what’s happening on Google, let’s start looking at what Google is doing for us. Let’s start measuring which pages are bringing in the natural search traffic, and which are not. This is easy enough. Then we can start to look at individual page results, and ask ourselves which ones need more effort to get direct traffic from Google search.


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