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RLSA: showing different search adverts to different people

Google has been pushing something called RLSA at us for quite a while now. Like the idea of remarketing campaigns, where your image ads show around the web to previous website visitors, RLSA’s time may have come in business marketing.

RLSA stands for Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. You use the same tagging of visitors as you do with conventional remarketing. However, instead of the tag telling third-party sites to show your image ads to these people, it tells Google to apply different rules to your ads on the search results pages.

As with conventional remarketing, the system has been focused at online stores. Google says: “for example, when people leave your site without buying anything, remarketing lists for search ads helps you to connect with these potential customers when they continue looking for what they need on Google Search.” But we can be more clever than that, and it’s why RLSA may be of interest in general B2B marketing.

Here are some possibilities:

1. You don’t normally advertise on a particular generic search term, because it’s a bit too broad, or has alternative meanings. However, you’d make an exception for someone who’s been to your website before.

2. You can only normally afford to bid enough to appear in a low position, but would be prepared to bid high enough to appear at the top of the page if the person making the search had been to your site before.

3. You’d want to give a completely different message to someone who you were trying to attract back to your site.

There’s also the one which Google doesn’t tell you:

4. You want to avoid advertising to those people who have been to your site before.

If we manage your Google AdWords campaign for you, and any of this sounds interesting, do get in touch. If someone else manages your Google AdWords campaign, see what they think (it might be a good test to see if they’re keeping up!). If you’re doing it yourself, take a closer look.

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