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Reach out. I’ll be there.

Three related things happened in the same morning last week and the coincidence made me smile. First of all, I had a message from a well-known search engine company, telling me that they were ‘reaching out’ to offer a ‘deep dive into my data’. Of course, I knew what they meant, but I wasn’t proud of it. When groaning about business jargon, people often remark: “Would you actually say this in a real-life conversation?”, but in this case, these people actually would. I think it’s healthy to question what’s happened to our lives when we find ourselves working in an environment where people talk like that.

Moments later, I saw this on Twitter:

Then I became aware of this wonderful mousemat, made as a promotional item by my favourite copywriting agency in the world (click to enlarge):


What have they missed out? What examples of business-speak make you cringe the most? Let me know here.

4 thoughts on “Reach out. I’ll be there.”

  1. “Favourites” include:

    I’ll just need to eyeball it ( = I’ve forgotten the word look)
    Can I have visibility of that? ( = please send it to me)
    So we’re on the same page ( = do what you’re told)
    What’s the timescale on that? ( = Have you still not finished that?)

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