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Best of the Blog in July 2016

You’ll be pleased (and relieved!) to know that I don’t intend to turn this blog into a discussion forum about Brexit. However, during July I took a look at the implications online when we finally leave the EU. For example, EU rules have required all of us to put those ‘cookie consent’ messages on our websites, even if only a small number of sites have bothered. Will everything suddenly change now? You can read my findings (and recommendation) in full here.

Despite all the news in the political arena, Google continues to march on with tweaks, updates and new offerings, including the way data is being presented to us – so last month I highlighted that Google is already scraping data from websites and presenting it to users so they don’t need to visit a particular website. And it looks likely that at some point Google Posts will be rolled out to all of us.

Mid-month I asked ‘How do you measure how well you’re doing in the Google search results? You can just look at Google traffic, but this may be misleading. For many companies, Google appearances are dominated by searches on their company name, which can vary in volume for all sorts of reasons’. As an example, I outlined how we looked at one client’s landing pages, and found excellent results – over a five year period, quality traffic from Google had more than doubled on a monthly basis, with no indication that searches have been increasing in volume in the company’s market sector, so we concluded that the success is down to improved Google results page positioning and click-through rate. I followed this with what might have contributed to this impressive result.

I always like to share shortcuts – especially within Google Analytics, and here’s a great feature, a really useful icon – the pivot table. I’ve seen people create dozens of reports in Google Analytics and paste them all into an Excel spreadsheet, without knowing that it can be done in one hit by selecting one obscure icon. Here’s the detail – you may find it useful.

In his monthly guest article, Andy Walker discusses the fact that ‘…too few companies take as much time and effort planning for the success of their business. Most of the businesses that even have a written marketing plan see it as a tick box exercise and the document never again sees the light of day…’, Andy includes a link to an excellent guide, to produce a perfect digital marketing plan.

And finally, I asked: “Designed a web page, and feeling pleased with yourself?” Let’s find out if it really gets the message over, shall we?

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