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Always stick to what they expect to hear

I woke up yesterday to the rather amusing tweet below. Trust me, if you read lots of marketing writers, there’s one thing they all want to analyse this week.


However, at least they’re writing about marketing, and there’s some justification in discussing the water-cooler topics of the day. What you mustn’t find yourself doing is dragging the latest hashtags into completely unrelated emails, blog posts or social media efforts.

Don’t do this. Ever. Your business is nothing to do with whatever’s trending on Twitter, however clever you think the link may be. Private Eye even runs a “Desperate Marketing” column to name and shame companies who try it:


You don’t want to appear here, even if you think you’ve completely captured the zeitgeist. At best, you’ll probably appear like the vicar trying to drag something irrelevant into a sermon or on to Thought For The Day. At worst, you can just make your audience want to curl up and die.


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