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What’s in this for the prospect?

We all need to advertise. Even those businesses which claim not to, must have some public profile which can be counted as advertising. In “I love advertising,” said no one ever on Marketingland, author Chris Glushko says: “Consumers have long been unable to avoid advertising, often viewing it as a necessary evil. But the times, they are a-changing.”

Nowadays there are many ways to avoid advertising, especially when it comes to broadcast or online media. And if adverts don’t start getting more useful, avoiding them is exactly what buyers will do.

I recently heard the argument: “That’s where print wins out over online media for advertisers. You can’t block the ads in print”. Yes, but you’re rather forgetting that readers can ignore print completely in favour of going online.

We should all be taking the word ‘useful’ to heart. Look at every piece of promotion you do, and ask: “What’s in this for the prospect?

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