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Video emails offer a number of interesting benefits

While the interest in ‘live chat’ features on websites continues to increase, there’s another more personal form of customer communication on the rise. Video emails offer a number of interesting benefits, most notably in improving the amount of information which can be provided in a given time.

For example, a customer might ask a sales question, and you could email them a brief but adequate response in 5 minutes, or a comprehensive one in 20. With a telephone response, it’s possible that you could provide the comprehensive response in 5 minutes, of course. But that requires several things: that the customer is willing to take your call, that you get through first time, and that you have the telephone number. Those can never be taken for granted. It might take so long to finally get through by phone that you’ll wish you’d cut your losses and emailed a response in the first place.

However, with an emailed video response, you get the best of both worlds. And there’s the huge bonus of the visual connection. Watching a video is so much more human than reading an email. I’ve exchanged hundreds of emails with some clients over the years without them ever having known what I look like. The arrangement works for us (neither party wants to waste time travelling across the country for meetings), but it could be improved on. Sure, we could set up a video conference, but again, it doesn’t suit us to be available simultaneously, at each other’s beck and call.

I’m currently looking into BombBomb. If it’s a success, I’ll report back.

1 thought on “Video emails offer a number of interesting benefits”

  1. Visited their site and I can see the benefit in theory but I can’t see what video emailing would add to a written tech support email response or email quotation?
    Would you read out the email? – or is it just a high tech salutation.
    And how does it affect an email’s spam score?
    Would a clickable photo link to a 10s video biog on the About Us page be just as good?
    I’m intrigued.

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