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Landing pages we can all learn from

A nice article on Smart Insights looks at 5 landing page trends to boost conversions in 2016 and beyond, and is something we can all learn from. Don’t forget, many of us may not have the resources and flexibility to create special landing pages for every promotional campaign, but in many ways, every product page is also a landing page, and there are techniques for landing page design which we might incorporate into product pages. In technical B2B marketing, we don’t have nearly enough traffic to start testing what does (and doesn’t) work, but we can steal the ideas from those businesses which do have enough data.

The article suggests that videos used on a landing pages can increase conversions by up to 86%; interactive content is effective; and long landing pages offer a big advantage. I’d agree with all of these. The article cites a web service called Basecamp as having an example of a good, long landing page, but even the Basecamp home page tells a beautifully clean sales story in a way we could all copy.

5 landing page trends to boost conversions in 2016 and beyond on Smart Insights.

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