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Getting search terms in Google Analytics

Those of you who have only been introduced to the world of Google Analytics in the past couple of years may not know that the system once reported fully on all of the searches which got people to your website. It was a fantastic resource for any website manager, which was withdrawn for privacy reasons. It was also a source of endless amusement, looking at the bizarre things people typed into Google.

There is, however, a replacement, and it’s getting more useful. It’s done by ensuring you have Google Search Console set up (a five-minute job) and by linking it to your Google Analytics account.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll see this in the sidebar of your Google Analytics, and lots of lovely data to explore.

Google Analytics Screen Shot

I’ll save the discussion of what you can do with it until tomorrow, so you can all rush off to make sure you’ve got it working now…

(BMON clients can of course just drop us an email and we’ll sort it all out for you)

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