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Best of the Blog in June 2016

June included our new monthly guest article, from our friend Andrew Leon Walker who kicked off his contribution with a great posting ‘Why your business needs to adopt an inbound marketing approach’“You’ll have come across the terms “inbound marketing” and “content marketing”. These terms are hot and they’re hot for a reason – they work. But what exactly do these terms mean, how do they work and why should you be interested?” If you missed it, it’s here.

My own posts for June were quite a mixed bag, although almost top-heavy with Pay-Per-Click subject matters – firstly I discussed how people approach PPC the wrong way around, following on with a reminder that keywords shouldn’t be so tightly focused. Then, in response to a reader finding the previous postings invaluable, I covered three more points to help explain to colleagues about PPC.

And then why advertising agencies run a mile from PPC…and my hope for a new TV series!

Finally, there’s the inevitable update from Google – this last month saw another blurring of the distinction between adverts and ‘natural’ search results. The “Ad” icon is still there, but it might as well not be.

If you ever want to revisit any article, ahead of this round-up, the archive is here – all eight years worth!

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