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Bringing any exhibition stand to life with video

A big video screen is a great way of bringing any exhibition stand to life. And it’s cheaper and easier than ever before.

It’s cheaper because a large-screen TV is more affordable than ever (whether it’s to hire or to buy), and a perfectly presentable slideshow video costs hardly anything to make. It’s easier because most TVs can play a looped video straight from a cheap memory stick, so you don’t need a laptop or any other player, and the presentation just carries on all day.

So, given that all you have to do for the show is to turn up with your memory stick and make sure the TV can play a video file on auto-repeat, the only challenge is in making the video. As it turns out, this is simple too.

Remember, what you want is something which people can start watching at any point, which doesn’t require concentration, and which doesn’t annoy anyone. So a slideshow is perfect. No sound is required; all you want is an animated display. The presentation can just scroll through a series of images, captions and slogans. We’ve made dozens for clients over the years, but if you’ve got the time, you can probably make it yourself. Watch an example here (it’s on YouTube, but if you ran it from the original MP4 file, the quality would be sparkling).

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