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New keyword research tool from Moz looks useful

For those of you looking for new search engine opportunities, there’s an interesting new launch from Moz, the SEO tool developer. Keyword Explorer isn’t truly revolutionary for SEO professionals, but it does offer lots of scope and seems to be very straightforward to use. Moz is a favourite toolset in the SEO world, and although not a throwaway-priced subscription, is used by thousands of specialists (like us!). Fortunately Keyword Explorer is free for a limited number of daily searches, so you can take advantage of the same techniques as they do.

So what does it do? In their own words, “KWE takes you all the way through the keyword research process — from discovering keyword ideas to getting metrics to building a list, filtering the keywords on it, and prioritizing which ones to target based on the numbers that matter.” Obviously keyword research is an essential part of PPC advertising campaigns, but it’s just as important in SEO. We should all be looking at ‘opportunities’ around which we can build website pages, and KWE can help.


So we start by entering a basic term, and immediately see the volume of searches, difficulty of ranking highly, and opportunity (how much of the results page is taken up by ‘natural’ results). These are all combined into a ‘potential’ score.

But this is only the start. Suggested keywords can be produced, and search results analysis performed, deconstructing the Google results page. This is a great feature, working with the ‘opportunity’ to explain why a term may or may not be worth chasing. There’s also a ‘Mentions’ section, which lists recent occurrences of the search term in important pages.

I’m finding that the analysis isn’t instant, so do be patient with the tool. Also, bear in mind its international (primarily US) flavour, which may need some local knowledge applying. But KWE is definitely worth spending some time with. There’s a lot to it.

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