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Google announces big changes to AdWords

Last night Google announced a series of announcements which will transform AdWords ads. With over half of all web traffic estimated as being from mobile devices now, it’s not surprising that everything’s starting with mobile:


Google reckons that the starting point for the consumer is now the mobile screen, and therefore ads should be ‘anchored in a mobile first world’. However, there was plenty of interest for those of us more concerned with desktop search, both in terms of the ads themselves and the tools we use to place and measure them.

If, like me, you’re involved in the day-to-day data, the headline news included a change to the content of AdWords text adverts. The old “two lines of 35 characters” format doesn’t make any sense now that the small right-hand-side ads have gone from the search results pages. AdWords is therefore moving to a much longer headline and a single description line which is longer than the current pair added together. Here’s the before and after which was unveiled:


That’s a lot of additional opportunity. With nearly 60 clients here, having well over 100 adverts each on average, I’ve just cancelled my summer holiday.

If you want to watch the whole Google presentation, it’s online here.

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