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Google AdWords campaigns are not so hard to set up

Those of you who run your own AdWords campaigns may want to put an hour or two aside at the end of this month.

Google has announced that it’s overhauling the web interface to the system. And it’s about time. Many other Google products – such as Tag Manager – look and feel like 2016 web applications. Google AdWords and Google Analytics look old-fashioned in comparison.

But even now, Google AdWords campaigns are not so hard to set up that outsourcing them to the likes of us is a necessity. The initial ‘step-through’ is pretty straightforward. There are lots of tutorials online, if you still need one. Every business should be doing it.

Many companies don’t do search advertising because they think they don’t have the budget required. This is a mistake. Even if you only have £100 a month for advertising, you should still be using Google AdWords. It’s not hard. A good agency will need a larger budget, of course. We need you to be spending about £1000/month, for example. But doing it yourself has no such restrictions.

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