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Are GMail Ads worth a go?

One thing you get nowadays from running lots of Google AdWords accounts is regular attention from Google advisors. They’re usually on at me to try out something new for clients, and a big push at the moment is something called “GMail Ads”. Now, those of you who go back far enough might be thinking this is nothing new. Google has offered the ability to advertise in GMail for many years. However, it’s all gone a lot more image-based, and may be worth re-investigating.


My first reaction on being encouraged to use GMail Ads was to guess that it wouldn’t be too relevant for most of our clients. In a professional B2B environment, not that many people use GMail addresses. But that may be underestimating things. Quite a few people use GMail and pull in email from other accounts (including work ones) to that account. Also, like all PPC advertising, who cares if the ads don’t get much response? They won’t cost anything if that’s the case.

So this is something we’re currently looking into on behalf of clients. Of course, with so much email read on smartphones, there’s no point in even thinking about advertising in email if your website doesn’t look great on the small screen. But for those websites which do, it could be a cost-effective outlet. We shall see.

Google’s notes about setting up a GMail Ads campaign are here.

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